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How to surprise and delight your customers 

and increase your F&I income!

Key Benefits of the 

Multi-Dimensional Menu System

We all know now that customers prefer the menu selling approach when buying F&I, and in most cases, purchase more as a result. Using Op2ma’s Multi-Dimensional F&I Menu takes the menu selling process to a whole new level.

Either as a standalone or integrated Menu Selling Tool, our solution is unique. Easy to use - our  multi-dimensional menu is designed to help you do a better job. When it comes to menu‘s one size  does not fit all that’s why you can choose as many or as few columns as you like. Your colleagues can  do the same and you can set them in advance or change on the fly. 

Personalise the experience by creating a custom menu for a prospect which will be unique to them. And if the customer isn’t in front of you SMS or email the menu to them and track them opening and  signing in real time. 

Built by our in-house F&I team from the premise “What should a brilliant menu do?” this menu is truly transformational – DMS and financier integrations streamline the F&I experience - you be the judge - have a look yourself, we would be delighted to show you what the future looks like!

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Op2ma's Multi-Dimensional Menu

“I’m loving this! You can do 6 quotes in about 2 minutes – super fast . No one will have an excuse, 'cause you know how ‘technologically challenged’ I am – so if I can do it, everyone should be able to.” 

Dora  - Business Manager

Peter Warren Automotive

What is Menu Selling?

F&I Menu Selling is a world-proven formula for increasing profitability, insurance penetration and customer satisfaction. It is the mainstream approach towards maximizing returns by giving customers what they want.


While compliance is usually cited as the reason for using Menu Selling, the REAL benefits of Menu Selling are that it helps the customer make the right decision. 

How? By helping the customer choose what (they believe) is most suitable to their needs. Because  each customer is different, it is impossible for the Business Manager to determine ahead what is  most suitable to each customer.  

By presenting all F&I products to all your customers, all the time, there is a better chance of the customer choosing what they need without feeling pressured into buying specific products.

Find out how you can increase your F&I sales today!

If you’re not using Op2ma’s 

Multi-Dimensional F&I Menu, we think you should wait no longer. Get on board and start improving your F&I profits immediately. You WILL be amazed at how simple and EFFECTIVE it is!